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Work Up an Appetite

How do we spend more time in His word? How do we long for it and savour it? We work up an appetite.

I can’t be the only person who, when a big, wonderful main is coming, starts to make room for it by doing a few “post-starter” stretches and star jumps before the plate arrives (or am I!?).

In the same way, we can “make room” for God’s word by working out what we’ve previously consumed. The more you “do” the hungrier you’ll be, and the more you’ll want to eat.

Don’t just consume God’s word – use it! Read a verse on forgiveness? Forgive someone. Read a chapter on generosity? Go and give. Read a verse on sharing your faith? Go and share your faith. Read a passage on prayer? Pray. Read a verse on praise? Go and praise.

The more you outwork it, the hungrier you’ll be. The hungrier you are, the more you’ll eat. The more you eat, the fresher your revelation will be; you won’t be relying on last week’s meal, you’ll be hearing straight from God for your today.

Try it out today: pray (God, give me a heart that loves you and loves Your Word), consume, exercise. Repeat.

P.S. I'm not being a salvation-by-works person, there are just a lot of scripture-heavy people who have lost their passion for the Word and could do with a bit more exercise. In the same way as there are exercise-heavy people who could do with a few more scripture calories. I have definitely found myself in both camps at different times.


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