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Trials and Full Life

As soon as your spirit awakens to the beauty & power of Jesus, you are called to live a life of purpose, freedom, & outright audacity.

There should be no place you aren't willing to go, no move you aren't willing to make, no words you aren't willing to say, for the sake of obedience to Jesus.

Fear & inadequacy are no longer excuses when God's very Spirit that houses resurrection power is now at home inside of you.

As Romans 6 says, "For if we have been united with him in a death like his, we will certainly also be united with him in a resurrection like his." Our old self has been crucified with Him - we have dealt with death at the very beginning of our walk. We now live with no fear of death, having already conquered it, we are dead to sin but alive to God in Christ. Eternity has started.

If you have accepted Jesus, Heaven is already yours; don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating for works-based salvation. But I am inviting you to not just live out the 'bare minimum Gospel' as John Ortberg would say.

You can continue to pray for an easy, peaceful life, a nice house, & well-behaved kids. But if, even when these prayers are answered, you still feel unfulfilled maybe Jesus is reminding you that you were made for a more meaningful existence.

This existence may be tough. There will absolutely be pain & hardship along the way; but eternity has started, remember? You have access to the resurrection power of Holy Spirit. They may hurt now but these earthly hardships are minor annoyances when compared to an eternity spent with Jesus. Swat the flies away.

I'm not minimising your trials, I'm highlighting the enormity of God's goodness.

You'll never feel so fulfilled, so illogically joyful, so smack-bang in the middle of the full life promised in John 10:10, as you do when you stop seeking comfort, stop playing it safe, & instead choose to follow Jesus with everything you have.

Please, if you've lost your passion, stop, turn off your TV/whatever is getting you through the day & inadequately quietening your racing thoughts, get on your knees & ask Jesus to bring revelation to you once again. And then don't get up til you feel encouraged.


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