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Today's Wisdom

Don't judge yesterday's actions with today's wisdom.

Yes we should evaluate and seek to be more like Jesus.

No we shouldn't heap shame onto ourselves; 10-years-ago-you did the best with what 10-years-ago-you knew.

If you have regrets, tiny ones or giant ones, join the club. It's called humanity. We don't act how we want to act 100% of the time.

There seems to be a false-humility rhetoric that says beating yourself up about mistakes is a sign of repentance. That sounds more like a distraction from the enemy to me.

Shame is a poor motivator. Let your regrets teach you more about Jesus and then let them go. Continuing to think about them is just elongating the pain Jesus already freed you from.

It isn't an excuse for poor behaviour or decisions, just an invitation into humility and dependence on God. It's how we learn to walk in freedom.

Jesus took all of the punishment intended for us - don't now punish yourself.

Have grace for yourself - treat yourself like God treats you.


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