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Free One Month
Coaching Registration

Hey friend, it's great to see you on this page.

Would you like to have someone to share a goal with and get advice from, someone who will check in to ensure you're staying on track, and someone who will pray for you throughout the month? Of course you would! (I would, anyway!)

If you fill in the form below, we will have a one hour coaching call to focus on a goal for your next four weeks. I'll be your accountability checker-inner and will pray for you throughout. We'll then round up with an hour call to discuss how the month went and where you're heading next. FYI I'm a Christian who loves applying God's word, so expect some good old Biblical encouragement thrown in there too. I'm also qualified in the Enneagram Assessment and so that will make an appearance if you're up for it! Check Insta for an idea of who I am -

I've been an unofficial coach for those in my circle for years. Ever since 5-year-old-me helped Annah eat more of her apple when she was upset that the stalk was getting in the way. Yes, that's a true story.

My friends are always reminding me that I have a brain like a sponge and a borderline addiction to books and 1.5x speed podcasts. Don't let that information in my brain go to waste. I will recall it for you at a moment's notice.

Have I sold it enough for you? We're talking about a free coaching call, an accountability friend, a prayer partner, wide-ranging advice (I'm a habit guru who loves productivity and anything techy, by the way), a lovely West Midlands accent, a qualified Enneagram coach, and it's all for free!

There are 10 spaces and you're worthy enough to take up one of them my friend.

Sign up for your free coaching month

Thanks for submitting, I'll respond within 48 hours.
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